Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Keeping us safe this winter

Winter is upon us and it’s good to know that Northumberland County Council have plans to cope with whatever the season brings. 

Twenty eight front line gritters are in place - with five new 18t Econ/Mercedes expected soon to replace current gritters.  All vehicles are in location and ready to go - as they have been since 29th October when the Winter Services Rota began.  All roots and drivers are in position and the Council are continuing to train and invest in additional employees - including apprentices - through their HGV and Winter Service training. 

In terms of salt, 37,500 tonnes is in stock, with all depots being full.  A contract has been awarded to construct two new salt barns - one in Allendale - for extra capacity, and area teams are replenishing salt bins and heaps across the County.  They will be replenished on request throughout the winter. 

Being prepared for the worst of the weather involves co-operation and team work, and farmers and sub-contract support are in place should serious snowfall occur in the coming months, and there are also arrangements for cross-boundary working with Cumbria County Council and Newcastle City Council. 

Gritting actions will be posted on the NCC website, Twitter and Facebook.  Should anyone need to make winter service requests, or report emergencies, please contact 0345 600 6400.

Nobody knows what this winter will bring, but as far as it’s ever possible to say - Northumberland is winter-ready.  A big thank you to all the team at Northumberland County Council who work so hard to keep our roads open and to keep us all safe.