Saturday, 20 July 2019

Supporting more forestry in Northumberland!

L-R Sir William Worsley, David Rutley MP, Myself and John Paterson, Director of Forestry at EGGER
It was great to welcome Forestry Minister David Rutley to Egger in Hexham yesterday, along with the government's recently reappointed Tree Champion, Sir William Worsley who is driving forward a massive tree planting strategy.

Egger provides over 650 jobs Hexham. It is the largest private sector employer in Northumberland, and undoubtedly one of the best. Everyone who works at Egger is extremely proud of this family owned business.

Forestry Minister David Rutley was in Northumberland for a tour of Egger's factory, to meet many of the company's employers. He also convened a roundtable on forestry industry opportunities, challenges, an action plan for the way ahead and to discuss how DEFRA can work with us locally to get more trees planted. We need to get everyone, from the County Council to Northumberland National Park, the North of Tyne Combined Authority, and Forestry England to work together.

As Northumberland's biggest employer, Egger is vitally important to our community. But we need to continue planting more trees so they can continue to provide well paid jobs. At a time when we are facing a Climate Emergency, it's a win win.