Thursday, 21 October 2021

I urge Lloyds to rethink closing their Ponteland branch

I am very disappointed and concerned by the announcement from Lloyds that they are closing their bank branch in Ponteland.

Lloyds have announced that they are closing a total of 48 bank branches nationally, including Ponteland, in the Hexham Constituency. This news follows a recent spate of bank branch closures in rural areas, where access to cash and banking facilities are vital for residents.

I urge Lloyds to urgently rethink their position. Access to cash and an in-person counter are vital services to residents who may not be able to access online banking services. The Ponteland branch serves many of the surrounding villages meaning it will hit another one of the rural communities in my constituency very hard.

Clearly, footfall in branches has reduced since the advent of the pandemic. However, in-person banking services continue to be vital – we must save this branch!