Thursday, 14 October 2021

Vote for Zola at the Westminster Dog of the Year competition!

If you see me out and about in the Hexham constituency, then there is a very good chance that I will be accompanied by my fox red Labrador Retriever, Zola.

Zola is my biggest supporter and regularly charms Secretaries of State, as well as always helping me prepare for select committee appearances. She is much-loved by MPs and staffers alike and the rural lanes of Northumberland would be difficult to canvas without her invaluable help.

Zola is taking part in this year's Westminster Dog of the Year, organised by Dogs Trust and The Kennel Club. On Thursday 28th September, Zola will be joining other MP's dogs of all shapes and sizes at Victoria Tower Gardens to compete for the title, and we need your support!

The 'paw-blic' vote element of the competition is decided by the public, and you can cast your vote for Zola here- 

Westminster Dog of the Year is not only a fun event to be involved in, but it also provides a great opportunity to highlight the importance of responsible dog ownership and the work that MPs are doing to improve dog welfare. This year's event is focusing on promoting responsible dog ownership, so that owners recognise their responsibility to ensure that their pet lives a healthy and happy life.