Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Hundreds turn out for the annual Tynedale Jobs Fair

I recently hosted the Tynedale Jobs Fair after a years absence because of the pandemic. It was attended by over 75 employers from across the North East and attended by hundreds of people from across the region.

Hundreds of jobs were on offer from local and national employers, such as Britishvolt, Nissan, Network Rail, Aldi and McDonalds.  For the first time ever, this year’s event featured a Kickstart zone, promoting the Government’s Kickstart Scheme which helps to pay the wages for 16–24-year-olds currently on Universal Credit. Under the terms of the scheme, the Government helps employers by paying minimum wage for 25 hours a week to Kickstart candidates, as well as paying other costs such as National Insurance and pension contributions.  Placements last for six months and applicants must be aged between 16 and 24 and receiving Universal Credit when they apply. 

A big thank you must go to my own team, Chris Howard and the staff at Hexham Jobcentre Plus, our sponsors Essity, and more than 70 local employers who showcased the hundreds of jobs on offer.

As we build back better from the pandemic, jobs must be our focus, and the event showcased the huge range of opportunities available.