Monday, 6 December 2021


My team and I have worked over the weekend with local providers, community groups, and NPG to get many more homes back on the grid. I met people off grid and some recently restored this morning. We are in the last couple of days and some of the most complex reconnections. There are now hundreds of electrical engineers from across the UK who are now working on our patch. These include engineers drafted in from down south and a big team from Ireland.

I visited Northern PowerGrid in Penshaw at their Headquarters this morning. I met with key personnel and went through a whole host of issues, and then popped into the contact centre. 

Currently there are 1,600 homes off supply across the wider region. Northern Powergrid have assured me that they will get this number down significantly in the next 36 hours and attached below is the projected resolution list by postcode. 

The Army have been out in Northumberland, helping the Local Resilience Forum and Northumberland County Council staff conduct welfare checks with residents who are still without supply of electricity. We are also sourcing and supporting the provision of generators for those who can’t move out or who need urgent power. 

My priority remains getting every single last person in the constituency reconnected to power. However, the work will not stop then. I will continue to meet with Northern Powergrid until they have brought forward the details of compensation and have revised their resilience, so they, and we as a community, are better prepared in the future.

Ofgem has already started an investigation into Northern Powergrid’s response and why such huge parts of the network were not restored quicker. 

I have stressed to Northern Powergrid the importance of paying compensation out to their customers as soon as possible. I have also got a commitment from Northern Powergrid that they will write to all customers explaining the compensation they will be entitled to. These letters will go out soon but the basic details are below. 

As Northumbria Water, the Environment Agency and I did after Storm Desmond, I have urged in strong terms to Northern Powergrid that they do a series of meetings over a period of time in various village halls to explain what has been done and what is being done in resilience planning going ahead. This will allow the company to be transparent and clear with communities.

A massive thanks to the community groups and local companies who have gone above and beyond, whilst the electrical engineers are fixing substations and sorting poles; my team & I are also liaising with the Northumberland Local Resilience Forum of emergency services today. We are making progress reconnecting in Kielder, Byrness, Slaley and Clifton but still plenty to do.

We have been working through cases over the weekend. If you or someone you know is vulnerable or has an urgent issue, please contact me on 01434 239 205, or on

My team and I are here to help, and will not stop until everyone is reconnected.



Allocated - Monday 6 December

Pending allocation: Aiming to be restored 7th December

DH1  3SG

DH1  1JF

DH1  3SH

DH1  1JF

DH1  5RA

DH1  3TQ

DH3  1DR

DH2  2EQ

DH3  2LR

DH2  2PD

DH3  2NA

DH2  3SE

DH3  2NP


DH4  6HS

DH3  1DR

DH5  0PN


DH6  2AJ

DH4  4EF

DH6  2NB

DH4  6BH

DH6  3LD

DH4  6DE


DH4  6HS

DH7  6EN

DH4  6NN

DH8  7AY

DH4  7AJ

DH8  9NE

DH4  7LA

DH8  9NL

DH4  7LA



DH9  0RF


DH9  7QD


DH9  7QD

DH5  0JU


DH5  0JX

DL12 0QY

DH5  0QE

DL12 0QY

DH5  9DF

DL12 0RP

DH5  9LW

DL12 9RB


DL13 4EB

DH6  1AB

DL13 4HW

DH6  1AX

DL14 6JT

DH6  1DS

DL14 7GG

DH6  1PZ

DL14 7GG

DH6  2JE

DL14 8QW

DH6  3DS

DL14 9DU

DH6  3HP

DL14 9RQ

DH6  3NQ

DL14 9SF

DH6  3RX

DL14 9SF

DH6  3SB

DL15 9AZ

DH6  4DB

DL15 9LB

DH6  5JS

DL15 9QN

DH6  5JX

DL15 9SS


NE13 6BZ

DH7  8ST

NE13 8DQ

DH7  9RU

NE16 6AW

DH8  0SE

NE17 7PL

DH8  5LS

NE17 7SJ

DH8  7PJ

NE18 0AD

DH8  9LQ

NE18 0BD

DH8  9UB

NE19 2SX

DH8  9UN

NE20 0JY


NE20 9HL


NE22 5QJ


NE22 6DA

DH9  0QR

NE23 6XF

DH9  0RG

NE23 7NQ


NE26 4DN


NE26 4JY


NE35 9HH


NE35 9HX

DL12 0DL

NE35 9HX

DL12 0DN

NE36 0BD

DL12 0DW

NE36 0BE

DL12 0EE

NE36 0LF

DL12 0UD

NE39 1LT

DL12 8SL

NE40 3AY

DL12 8SW

NE42 5BG

DL12 9DJ

NE42 5LJ

DL12 9JH

NE42 6HP

DL12 9JR

NE43 7RY

DL12 9LU

NE43 7UL

DL12 9RB

NE44 6BQ

DL12 9RH

NE44 6DL

DL12 9SU

NE45 5PZ

DL12 9UP

NE45 5PZ

DL13 3LX

NE46 2JN

DL13 3QL

NE46 4BD

DL13 3QR

NE47 9BS

DL13 4PN

NE47 9SP

DL13 4QD

NE48 1LE

DL13 5ET

NE48 2TF

DL13 5HG

NE48 3DY

DL14 0AG

NE48 3JG

DL14 0PW

NE48 3JQ

DL14 7SS

NE48 4DQ

DL14 8BB

NE61 2YR

DL14 8BB

NE61 5ED

DL14 9DB

NE61 6DX

DL15 0DS

NE65 0DH

DL15 0DS

NE65 7DP

DL15 0ER

NE65 7JS

DL15 0RP

NE65 7LD

DL15 8HJ

NE65 8RE

DL15 9HB

NE65 8RW

DL15 9QU

NE65 9DG

DL15 9SP

NE66 3LA

NE13 7AJ

NE66 3RN

NE15 0BQ

NE66 4UR

NE15 0HX

NE67 5DZ

NE16 4PU

NE67 5JA

NE16 4QP

NE68 7UT

NE16 5BA

NE69 7AT

NE16 5BB

NE70 7EX

NE16 6AR

NE70 7LB

NE18 0AA

NE70 7LB

NE18 0AD

NE70 7LB

NE18 0BD

SR3  2DR

NE18 0DE


NE18 0QG

SR4  9JT

NE19 2BJ

SR7  9NG

NE19 2DG


NE19 2DL

SR8  3JU

NE19 2LB

SR8  3TX

NE19 2LB


NE19 2PN


NE20 0AL


NE20 0AN


NE20 0AS


NE20 0AT


NE20 0BQ

NE20 0BQ

NE20 0HB

NE20 0JH

NE20 0RN

NE20 0SA

NE20 0SA

NE20 0SU

NE20 0SY

NE20 0SY

NE20 0SY

NE20 9BX

NE21 4EX

NE21 5EZ

NE21 5NJ

NE21 6JJ

NE21 6RN

NE22 5UW

NE22 7BX

NE23 3AS

NE23 3AS

NE23 6TD

NE23 6UW

NE24 5TQ

NE25 0DJ

NE26 4DN

NE26 4DS

NE26 4PU

NE26 4QL

NE26 4QW

NE26 4RG

NE26 4RL

NE27 0QR

NE28 0QP

NE29 8AE

NE29 8EX

NE3  2PU

NE30 4EN

NE36 0AW

NE36 0LD

NE36 0NW

NE37 2SU

NE37 3AU

NE38 9AH

NE39 1AN

NE40 3DR

NE40 3PD

NE40 4TN

NE41 8JL

NE41 8JL

NE42 5LB

NE42 6NT

NE43 7RY

NE43 7RY

NE43 7SD

NE43 7SU

NE43 7SX

NE44 6DF

NE45 5BA

NE45 5DZ

NE45 5PT

NE45 5PZ

NE45 5RP

NE45 5RP

NE46 1TT

NE46 2PJ

NE46 2PQ

NE46 3AH

NE46 3AQ

NE46 3BA

NE46 4AY

NE46 4AZ

NE46 4BD

NE46 4DR

NE46 4EH

NE46 4HA

NE46 4HE

NE46 4HE

NE46 4LX

NE46 4PB

NE46 4RS

NE47 0HP

NE47 0HR

NE47 0HT

NE47 6AF

NE47 8AE

NE47 8AW

NE47 8DG

NE47 8DG

NE47 8DH

NE47 8DH

NE47 8HH

NE47 8HH

NE47 8HH

NE47 8HH

NE47 9AE

NE47 9ST

NE48 1EL

NE48 1LE

NE48 1LE

NE48 1RS

NE48 2EB

NE48 2SE

NE48 2SZ

NE48 2TA

NE48 3HX

NE48 3JL

NE48 3JQ

NE48 4AZ

NE49 0PR

NE49 9ND

NE49 9NF

NE49 9NS

NE5  2SE

NE5  3LY

NE6  4NT

NE6  5NT

NE61 2ST

NE61 3DD

NE61 3DJ

NE61 3EN

NE61 3JR

NE61 3JU

NE61 3JW

NE61 3JW

NE61 3LD

NE61 3LY

NE61 3LZ

NE61 3NQ

NE61 3QS

NE61 3SD

NE61 3SE

NE61 3SE

NE61 3SG

NE61 3SJ

NE61 3SJ

NE61 4AS

NE61 4AU

NE61 4BL

NE61 4BN

NE61 4EQ

NE61 4JJ

NE61 4JZ

NE61 4PH

NE61 4PL

NE61 4PQ

NE61 4PR

NE61 5AB

NE61 5DR

NE61 5JF

NE61 5JJ

NE61 5LG

NE61 5QB

NE61 5QW

NE61 6AQ

NE61 6AQ

NE61 6DX

NE61 6EB

NE61 6HJ

NE61 6LQ

NE61 6LT

NE61 6LZ

NE61 6NS

NE61 6NS

NE61 6NS

NE62 5HR

NE62 5HY

NE63 8AB

NE63 9YD

NE65 0DH

NE65 0DH

NE65 0JD

NE65 0JR

NE65 0LL

NE65 0XS

NE65 0XS

NE65 0XS

NE65 7AE

NE65 7AG

NE65 7HR

NE65 7HS

NE65 7JW

NE65 7LH

NE65 7PZ

NE65 8HY

NE65 9AA

NE65 9ED

NE65 9ED

NE65 9EY

NE65 9EY

NE65 9PT

NE65 9PT

NE65 9TS

NE66 2BH

NE66 2BH

NE66 2DX

NE66 2EL

NE66 2XA

NE66 2XP

NE66 3AE

NE66 3AE