Wednesday, 8 December 2021


It is very positive news that Northern Powergrid say they believe all power has now been restored.

Much of the damaged network is now supported by large generators, pending full scale repair, so the replacement will be complicated and will take time.  

However, I am aware there may be a few isolated homesteads which are stuff affected, or whose systems trip.

If you are not reconnected, please call 105 or email the assistance email Northern Power Grid’s communications are getting better (it could not have been worse than before!).

If you are still having issues getting through to Northern Powergrid, please contact my office – 01434 239 205, or

I have made clear to Northern Powergrid that an urgent approach to compensation is needed. People cannot be expected to wait months for compensation, and I will be holding further discussions with the company in coming days to discuss this.

I want to say a huge thank you to so many: the engineers reconnecting power in very tough weather. The local businesses, generator providers, and also local community who have helped out their neighbours.

There will be lessons learnt about the resilience of our network to cope with more extreme weather, and a proper inquiry by Ofgem and others on how power companies can improve communications, support when the network goes down, and much more.


Statutory Compensation

You will receive £70 for the first 48 hours of the power outage, plus an additional £140 for each additional day. This compensation was previously limited to £700, but the government have announced that Ofgem have removed this cap.

You should contact Northern Powergrid to claim this compensation within 3 months of the supply being fixed. This means that claims should be made by early March at the latest.

Additional Compensation

Northern Powergrid have confirmed to me that they will provide additional financial assistance to any domestic customer still off supply from 29th November

This includes the reasonable cost of alternative accommodation, and food for up to £15 per person, per meal, and other reasonably incurred costs, for example, where a customer has arranged their own back-up generator.

You should keep receipts for this. However, I have urged Northern Powergrid to be flexible when it comes to this, particularly around the start of the outages.


Northern Powergrid have asked their customers to submit receipts and expenses via:

I have received a commitment from Northern Powergrid that they will write to all customers explaining the compensation they are entitled to. These letters will go out soon, but I will continue to fight for families in financial hardship at this very difficult time.

Best wishes,