Thursday, 6 September 2012

Community Hospital Debate this afternoon

Today we debated Community Hospitals in the House of Commons - an important issue you may think. There were 2 labour speakers who turned up throughout the whole debate - the picture shows labour occupingy the right hand side of the house. Out of the whole Labour party that is all they could muster and at no time did they have more than 3 people in the chamber. This picture is taken later on in the debate but I was pleased to speak and support the efforts of my local health trust in a debate which featured contributions from Conservatives Dr Sarah Woolaston [Totnes MP] and Dr Philip Lee [Bracknell MP], both GPs. We have just made Obs and Gynae surgeon Dr Dan Poulter the Health Minister. Never believe it if Labour say they are "the party of the NHS". We are the ones with doctors in our party making a contribution. The cynicism and arrogance of the opposition is shocking. Apologies for being political but today was a joke.
For my part I had the opportunity to raise and discuss Haltwhistle Hospital which is the model rebuild of a community hospital, and Hexham Hospital, which is the first local PFI buyout. Our local teams across the county do fantastic work as a local health service.
I also had to make a declaration [as we have to in every debate where we have an interest] that I had far too much knowledge of the NHS lately as a 2011 brain tumour patient, charity fundraiser and former jockey who sadly took a few too many falls...