Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kielder Forest Day:

Spent the day with some of the Forestry Commission team, who allowed me to get up close and personal with this beast of a machine that in seconds cuts down a huge Spruce, trims it, and then cuts it into manageable lengths. My thanks to Stuart for showing me how his machine works - he was cutting down spruce - that will be used in a variety of commercial ways. Kielder is both a working forest and one of Englands finest natural habitats for everything from the red squirrel to hawks to bicycle trails to the famous observatory. The day was a great opportunity to engage with many of key stakeholders whose lives, and livelihoods, revolve around Forestry and the use of wood. We discussed in detail the Independent Panels report on Forestry, its consequences, and the need to ensure that there is more woodland in the future for all to use, work with and enjoy. Learnt a lot and very grateful for everyones time.