Thursday, 6 September 2012

Northumberland Day next Tuesday!!

Great news that Northumberland is coming to London - marketing their food, drink and the wonderful tourist opportunities. The following companies are coming to the House of Commons
Wylam Brewery
Gilchester Organics
Doddingtons Cheese
Trees Can't Dance
Kenspeckle Confectionary

Hadrians Wall Trust and Visit Northumberland will be providing all the tourism guidance. It is our way of showing Westminster that we live in God's Own County, with the best food and drink to boot!
The event takes place from 10-3 in Westminster Hall, the ancient hall that is the heart of Parliament.
Several key Ministers are coming and it is to be hoped the PM will pop in too

Forgot to say we are really grateful to the team at Taste North East, particularly Jane, Jo and Sue, who have helped us make this event happen. Check out their website on: