Friday, 22 February 2013

Scottish Students hold an early Independence referendum and 62% vote for the Union

A mock referendum among students on Scottish independence has resulted in a large majority in favour of staying within the UK. Students at the University of Glasgow were balloted using the same question as will be used in the referendum itself, due next year.
When asked "should Scotland be an independent country?", 62% (1614) voted no, while 38% (967) said yes.
The two student unions, Glasgow University Union and the Queen Margaret Union, hosted the ballot boxes.
Five specific debates and hustings, featuring local and national politicians, commentators and academics, were held on campus in the run up to the poll.
My own personal opinion is that this will reflect the likely result in 2014 but I will be travelling to Scotland in the spring and summert for my own debates and to get a better understanding of why the students want to keep the Union.
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  1. Got to disagree with you there, Guy. Let's agree to eschew the spin for a moment and consider the facts.

    Around 1550 of 20,000+ Glasgow University students came out in support of the Union in a mock ballot.

    Incredibly, despite all of months of propaganda delivered on their behalf by the BBC, the print press, and journalists, the No Campaign still could not get more than ~ eight percent of the student body to support them.

    If this poll is meaningful in any way, surely it is in its confirmation of the indifference of would-be NO voters who are likely to stay at home in droves on referendum day. The same will not be true of the Nationalist vote.

    The NOers had every advantage going into this mock ballot including a skewed demographic sympathetic to their cause, yet as one observer of the event is reported to have said, "They got the endorsement of a paltry eight percent of the student body after committing huge resouces to this operation . . [they] had been looking for a big win, and had pulled out all the stops to get it".

    According to reports the YES campaign were in jubilant mood after what was characterized as a humiliating defeat for the Unionist cause. “I think you could say we’re experiencing a moment’s schadenfreude, right now”, a senior YES campaign aide was quoted as saying.

    It's all a matter of perspective - there's more of that alternative view, here .

    The existential threat to the YES campaign comes not from the Unionist camp anyway, but from the print press and broadcast media who are, with the possible exception of the
    SUN, full-square behind the Unionist campaign.

    The 800lb gorilla of this cohort is the BBC. They are by far the greatest danger, not because they are more mendacious than the rest of that rabble - no,their power lies in the public's perception of the Beeb and an unbiased and evenhanded deliverer of fact and considered analyses, with respect to matters politic.

    Anyway, that's a whole other can of worms.

  2. My son is. Scottish student but his home address is in your constituency. Doe's this ballot mean anything?