Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tyneside Blonde is coming to Westminster

Hadrian Brewery Beer available in the House of Commons
There is a bar in the basement of the Commons called the Strangers. It is about 30 foot by 15 foot and it is an institution in parliament; it is far less busy so I am told than yesteryear but I would pop in about once a month. I am delighted that the beer that is going to be on sale there shortly is from one of our local brewers in the north east. Martin's email is so kind I have reproduced it in its entirety. If you have not tried his beer - do so - it is very good.

Dear all, just to let you know that as a result of me leaving my business details with Guy Opperman MP, and the bar manager of the Strangers Bar in the House of Commons, they have requested 5 casks of Tyneside Blonde for delivery next month. This is quite an accolade. Had a great trip around Parliament when I was down there, and Guy and the other constituency workers were very kind and helpful. (thanks Guy et al). Indeed I have sent Guy a text asking him to look out for its arrival, and if he can get a picture of him and the PM drinking it I will pay for their pints. Well worth a try, anyway.

Quite happy with this one!!!
Martin Hammill
Brewery Manager
Hadrian Border Brewery

Whether I can prise the PM out of Number 10 for a pint is a big ask, I suspect, as he has a lot on his plate right now, but it will not be for the lack of trying.