Friday, 31 May 2013

"A blancmange in a hurricane"- Michael Gove's analysis of Labour's difficulties
Well worth a read
My point is that at every turn the Opposition simply oppose
There is no engagement, no debate, no realistic alternative simply a desire for none of what is happening.
Every single budgetary cut for the last 3 years + that has been proposed is opposed.
I would rather we had a nuanced debate but it is like debating with a wall.
On Health yesterday there was widespread criticism but Labour would spend less and will not go back on the reforms.
On Education they oppose free schools locally in Newcastle and then complain that there are no free schools in Newcastle!
On spare room subsidy it is in the Labour 2010 manifesto but then they oppose the so called bedroom tax - which is a subsidy by taxpayers to non taxpayers
On borrowing they want to borrow more but will not say how much or what they will spend it on
I could go on but Michael Gove makes the point better...