Friday, 17 May 2013

The Birthday weekend begins! Small party tonight, playing cricket at Wormsley on Sunday, and family /friends tomorrow

Apologies to all constituents trying to track me down this weekend - I have left the office and the phone is off. Out with mates this evening then seeing family / friends tomorrow. So excited to be playing cricket on Sunday at the wonderful Wormsley ground, in an all day match for 2 charities.
I am in a House of Commons team that will feature Business Minister Matt Hancock's interesting bowling, the robust batting of Yorkshire's finest, Nigel Adams, MP and a variety of other MPs and parliamentarians, against the might of the The Authors XI, which will feature assorted actors and writers like Sebastian Faulks, and rather worryingly a few good cricketers:
Previous cricket form this summer is
- rained off without a ball being bowled at Stamfordham a month ago,
- and then 21 runs in my first outing 10 days ago.