Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The High Street - I will be speaking in the House at 2.30 on what govt, local authorities & we all can do 2 help our High Streets

Westminster Hall has a debate entitled "Government support for the High Street" and I will be trying to get called to speak on government action thus far and in the future, the role of the new Local Authority in Northumberland, and what all of us can do to help our High Streets.
However, the ultimate future lies in all of our hands. The adage is use it or lose it, and we are all guilty of buying on the internet, convenience shopping in a supermarket and not doing our bit to help our friends and neighbours.
As JFK would say, if he were alive today, and he was speaking in todays parliamentary debate on the Future of the High Street...
"Ask not what your government can do for your high street, ask what you yourself can do for your high street."
Background to our efforts on behalf of Hexham's retailers are set out here: http://www.hexhamcourant.co.uk/news/help-breathe-new-life-back-into-hexham-1.1050035?referrerPath=sport/rugby