Monday, 23 September 2013

To Scotland today to meet, talk and listen for 4 days

Today I am south of Aberdeen to meet local businessmen, the local MSP and then kncoking on doors before speaking at a dinner at the Marine Hotel in Stonehaven, just south of Aberdeen. Greatly looking forward to it. Chatting last week to my MSP counterpart, Alex Johnstone, it was noticeable how much he talked of representing the "North East". As an English "North East" MP I think we will have a lot in common, ranging from concerns about fuel prices, to the need to stimulate both the rural economy and our core SMEs, and a desire to keep the union.
On Tuesday I will be spending the day in North Perthshire meeting local councillors, local activists, local farmers and NFU reps and then have a meet with the Scottish Air Ambulance, in my capacity as chair of the All Party Group for Air Ambulances.