Monday, 24 February 2014

Just finished speaking in Criminal Justice + Courts Bill: many good changes to improve our courts

Full details of the Bill on they work for you or Hansard tomorrow but
Key measures are:
•delivery of a firm but fair package of sentencing and criminal law reforms that properly punish serious and repeat offenders and better protect victims and the public.
•making criminals pay towards the cost of their court cases. There are also reforms of judicial review to tackle unmeritorious claims and unnecessary delays to the system.
•putting education at the heart of youth custody, giving young offenders the tools they need to turn their backs on crime.
•modernising the law to tackle the influence of the internet on trials by jury to ensure defendants receive a fair trial, reflecting how technology and the wealth of information available at the touch of a button has changed the way we live. We are also increasing the upper age limit for jurors from 70-75 and so harness the knowledge and life experiences of a group of people who can offer significant benefits to the court process.
Fuller details on the Bill here:

UPDATE: My debate is found here: and includes extensive questioning of the former Justice Minister, Nick Herbert, MP, and Sir Alan Beith, MP, Chair of the Justice Select Committee .... but in particular with the Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz, on everything from Hexham Magistrates to my book Doing Time.