Friday, 14 February 2014

So farewell KP - but my guess is that you have not played your last Test!

How do you solve a problem like Kevin Peterson? Not this way...
KP is clearly both a genius and possessing an ego the size of Mount Etna. But managing such individuals is part of team management. It is about finding a place for the talent within the team. Anyone who has played any team game will know that any team is a collection of individuals and mavericks.
Sport must find a place for talented mavericks. And KP is unquestionably the most aggressive and flamboyant batsman of his generation. I have seen him live several times, and no one comes close to his ability to destroy his bowling attack
So this is one cricket lover who is hoping that KP scores a hatful of runs this season and then is recalled. After all, if he tops the averages this summer are they really going to leave our best batsman out?
PS For my part, if they will have me I shall be turning out for Allendale a couple of times this season. I bear no resemblance to KP!