Wednesday, 21 May 2014

At the European Elections tomorrow I urge you to vote Conservative

These last 3 months I have been out campaigning for tomorrows European Elections in Newcastle and all across Tynedale for local man Martin Callanan. He is well known and I am encouraged with the responses on the doorstep. Martin is doing a great job at making the case that we need a strong voice in Europe, to reform and change the EU, so that it works for Britain.

Martin is
- a passionate Newcastle United fan
- worked for Scottish and Newcastle Breweries for 12 years,
- as well as being a Gateshead councillor, before being elected to the European Parliament in 1999. Since then he has been a strong Eurosceptic leader of the Conservatives there, and has a proud record to take to the electorate.
Under Martin's leadership in the EU there are 5 strong reasons to vote Conservative at the European Elections:

1. We have cut the EU Budget ....The first time this has ever been done!
2. We have taken Britain out of the EU Bailout fund .... so that we have not had to bail our Greece
3. We have committed to an EU Referendum .... no one else can deliver this. Labour and the Lib Dems have blocked this in Westminster.
4. We have reformed our border control .... and brought immigration down- it has reduced by a third
5. We have reformed EU Fishing policy ....and ended the bananas policy of discarding healthy fish

If you want a reformed EU, with a locally born, pragmatic, tax cutter as your representative then I urge you to vote for Martin.