Friday, 17 January 2014

This is getting too French! Has Miliband bank speech thrown away the election?

Ed's latest economic speech, featuring his idea of shutting rural bank branches is the worst in a long line of policy disasters, that are beginning to become almost Francois Hollande in their ineptitude. Here are the words of some of the commentators, who have piled in this afternoon:

Dan Hodges, son of Glenda Jackson, and seasoned Westminster reporter, said:
"What was most depressing about Miliband's speech was his dismissal of deficit reduction. Labour has just given up on the macro-economy."

Nick Robinson of the BBC drops a bomb - "Ed, how are you going to tell your party they can't have what they want - massive spending?"

BBC comments: Miliband is "like an arsonist who burns your house down and then criticises your choice of fire engine".
Institute of Directors boss Simon Walker has his say:

“The state has a very poor history of creating competition in banking. The last time the Government told a bank what to do, Lloyds was ordered to sell branches to Rev. Flowers, and we all know how that ended.”

Again not my words - but here is the summation of the car crash from the papers: