Thursday, 30 January 2014

Immigration Bill Today

I shall be in the Commons all day helping to guide the Immigration Bill through the Commons: this Bill will deal with health tourism, stop the abuse of public services by illegal immigrants, make landlords check their tenants status, reduces the number of possible appeals from over a dozen down to 4, addresses Article 8 and the extent of a right to family life, and reduces pressure on our public services.
We are starting, as I understand it at around 11.00 with changes to the law to stop Sham Marriages, and illegal immigration by the fake marriage route [up to 10,000 bogus applications are made to stay here on the basis of sham marriages], followed by consideration of fees and visa changes, that gives the system greater flexibility, speeds it up, and ensures we attract the brightest and best speedily and easily. The rest of the Bill is in consideration throughout the day