Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Foreign Investment in France falls by 77% - compare French socialism with Germany, UK, Spain or even Ireland?

The economic numbers coming out of France are horrific. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that new investments by foreign businesses in France fell sharply in 2013 by 77%. A collapse of international confidence in France.
By contrast, foreign investment in Angela Merkel’s Germany almost quadrupled, and even in Spain, Italy and Ireland foreign investment rose. The explanation is that France has a left-wing socialist government. Hollande’s great admirer Ed Miliband is likewise promising to bring back socialism to Britain:
As Ed recently said:
“What President Hollande is seeking to do in France and what he is seeking to do in leading the debate in Europe is find that different way forward. We are in agreement in seeking that new way that needs to be found and I think can be found.”