Wednesday, 8 January 2014

France's failed socialist experiment is turning into tragedy

Yesterday, more evidence emerged of the disastrous decline of France, which has followed a strong left wing socialist agenda under President Hollande. 

I have blogged before of the growing economic mess of this country - whose fortunes can be compared with the likes of Ireland, or even Spain, both of which have cut their debts and public spending, and not taxed business and job creation into the ground. The Irish in particular have cut taxes to boost growth. The French have raised taxes to 75%. 

The impact has been to kill any chance of a French recovery stone dead. The perils for us in Britain are clear: it would be economic suicide to follow the Hollande policies in the UK. This is what Miliband / Balls propose.

Again, don't take my word for it - read below the comments and then full article of Allister Heath of City AM, who said: "France’s economic sickness is primarily due to its overbearing state, horrendously high tax levels, insane regulations, absurd levels of inefficient public spending and generalised hatred of commerce, capitalism, success and hard work." Full article here: