Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What happened to One Nation Labour? That's gone now has it?

Dan Hodges quietly explains where Labour are going: as he puts it very eloquently
"At the moment Ed and Labour are coming over as the party of social vengeance. Does Ed Miliband want to move Britain beyond the financial crisis of 2008, or does he want retribution for it? Is it about moving the country forward, or seeking payback?

If it’s the latter, it will rebound on him."

Also we should remember Andrew Neil's dicing and slicing of the Labour tax proposals. Clearly we all want more tax revenue for the country, and the jobs the big, and small, businesses create:
These stats are unarguable:

HMRC Revenues from Top Taxpayers:
2011/12: £41.3 Billion [50% rate]
2012/13: £41.6 Billion [50% rate]
2013/14: 49.36 Billion [45% rate]
The truth is that high taxes destroy jobs and the economy. Just ask the French
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