Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Cheaper Oil and Petrol is great for Northumberland - bad news for SNP / Scottish Independence / Salmond / Sturgeon etc

The crash in pump prices is giving the UK economy — already Europe’s strongest — a shot in the arm which will benefit every household in the land. … All this will give the Coalition Government, and the hard pressed taxpayer, a happy New Year as businesses take a boost, tax revenues flow and the deficit finally starts tumbling.

Yet the very basis for Mr Salmond’s reputation as a political prophet has been shattered by the crash in oil prices, which is literally tumbling by the day:

Tough to argue with this commentary. And remember Scotland's independence was meant to be secured on permanently high oil prices. The honest truth is that Alex Salmond has zero economic credibility.

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  1. Alex Salmond has more credibility than any Tory or Labour for that matter, he and his SNPGovernment have done more for Scotland than you self-serving lot have done , when itcomes to the Economy, the Past and this Government have spent all the revenue from our exports including the oil revenue. Preaching to others when your own slate is dirty is not a good vote winner, I'm so pleased the SNP Vote is up. Jim Murphy is not a good example either , not much difference betwen Labour and Tory. As far as the HOUSE OF COMMONS is concerned , I watch some of it then turn off, the behaviour in the Commons is an absolute disgrace, braying donkeys behave better.