Friday, 24 July 2015

Last day in Westminster today before heading home to hexham for several weeks

Casework and whips work awaits today in the Commons before heading north later this evening.
Next week I have multiple meetings with everyone from the new Chief Constable of our police force, to Newcastle University, and the doctors and nurses at the new Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington. There are also literally dozens of other appointments lined up in the next few weeks with constituents, small businesses, the National Park, rural champions like NULAG and isolated communities who I often struggle to see when the Commons is sitting. 
This will involve visits to Walltown, Slaggyford and Halton Lea Gate at the end of the month, time in Otterburn, Matfen, and Kirkwhelpington, and a host of meetings, chats and discussions. I am having a holiday later in August but much looking forward to the next few weeks working in Northumberland.