Friday, 31 July 2015

St Oswald Day pilgrimage walk Hexham Abbey to Heavenfield tomorrow

Heavenfield is the purported site of the critical battle in 634 when Oswald and his band of Christians defeated defeated Cadwallon, the accursed leader of the Britons. As a result there is a church on the site, and the wooden cross is a specific reminder of the battle, and oswalds rallying cry to his men. St Oswalds day is the 5th August and every year there is a pilgrimage from Hexham Abbey to Heavenfield. This 5 mile walk will follow a church service in the abbey tomorrow (when for convenience they are doing the public walk)  at 11.15. Try and come along. If you have not Visited the church at Heavenfield is on a spot that is magical, mysterious, historical and very moving in both a religious and non religious way.