Thursday, 2 July 2015

"The radical policies that we had at this election were the best we have had for 20 years" - Ian Lavery MP interview

The Journal interview by Rachel Wearmouth is fascinating.
Ian is a nice bloke to talk to but his approach to
- the election result in May [see his quote above]
- the quality of the Labour offer to the electorate
- and blaming the media [the Journal included] for the result of the election
- his view that the centre left policies of Blair and Milburn are dated and wrong
- his desire for a 1906 Labour party in 2015
- his call for stronger protection for employees and
- opposition to changes to a 50% mandate for wholesale strikes

make this a very interesting interview. It is well worth a read: I will leave blog readers to draw their own conclusions as to where the North East Labour Party is going: