Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Good to welcome soldiers from 3RHA based at Albermarle Barracks toWestminster yesterday

The soldiers were in London and popped in briefly to the Commons. We chatted about many things after they had been round parliament first thing. It was also a good opportunity to discuss how they are settling in to the Barracks. There are many good points to being stationed in England and Northumberland is an excellent base for gunners; but, there is no doubt that the accommodation is not as good as it was in Germany, their former base, and mobile phone coverage on the base remains very poor to non existent. Broadband was non existent a couple of years ago but whilst it is now present, it is still of insufficient quality. The MOD are committed to upgrading the accommodation and we are working with them to sort the other problems. I shall be with our soldiers on Remembrance Sunday in November in Hexahm.