Monday, 3 October 2016

Ruth Davidson: "What Conservatives do for women in this country? We Make them PM”.

While Scottish Labour struggle to fill their events with supporters, the Scottish Conservatives can take heart that their resurgence is still going strong. Attendees for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party reception queued around the bend to hear Ruth Davidson speak.

Davidson spoke of her surprise that officials had put the Scots in a room where they could break things, before moving on to the F-word. After Labour’s women conference saw Harriet Harman and her comrades describe Theresa May as a non-sister, Davidson struck back — suggesting that it is the Conservatives who did the best for women’s equality. ‘People often ask what we do for women in this country, and I say “well we make them Prime Minister”.’

However, it was Theresa May who had the last word. The Prime Minister took to the stage to explain that the Tories didn’t just make women Prime Minister:
‘And I need to correct Ruth, she says the Conservatives make women Prime Minister, but actually we make them leaders.’ 
Spectator wishes Labour’s feminists luck responding to that.
Hat tip to the Speccie for a great report.