Monday, 17 October 2016

Westminster this week - busy 5 days ahead, with many local businesses in Westminster

Biggest event this week is probably a meeting with the CBI North East in Westminster on Tuesday, involving a Q+A with local business leaders.
Various bills are also to be debated in parliament notably the Savings Bill until 10pm on Monday night. We have a debate on the BBC on Tuesday from 12:30-7 whilst I have a variety of statutory instruments and delegated legislation in committees.
Away from the main chamber I have meetings with a local Prudhoe company Pure Products who are in Westminster on Thursday. Earlier in the week I am meeting Highways England, having a discussion about the Tynedale community bank with All party group in credit unions, and meetings with NCS graduates, and other local constituents who are down in Westminster. I am on duty all week so will be in parliament until Friday afternoon, as the house is sitting once again for private members business on Fridays.