Thursday, 16 November 2017

Announcing my Christmas card design winners...

Yesterday I announced the winner of my annual Christmas card competition in Westminster. There were many entries from primary and first schools all across the constituency, but after a lot of consideration the winner was Brooke Foster from Prudhoe Castle First School who designed a fantastic Christmas snowglobe for her entry.  The runners-up were Lily Macaulay from Ovingham Church of England School for her brilliant number 10 door design, and Freya Villiers-Stuart of Whitfield Church of England First School which featured a great ice-skating penguin.

The winning design will be featured on the front of my Christmas card which will be sent all around the constituency, as well as to the Prime Minister. Brooke, Lily and Freya have been invited to Kielder Forest next week where they will see the Kielder tree being felled, and Brooke will also be invited to Westminster in December where we will see the Christmas tree completely decorated in place in College Green.

Thank you so much to everyone for their entries and to all the teachers for their help. I really enjoyed looking through them all- every single design was brilliant! Congratulations to Brooke, Lily and Freya, and I look forward to seeing the finished card and to meeting Brooke next month.