Friday, 10 November 2017

Bringing history to life in Stocksfield

With Remembrance Day this Sunday, The Stocksfield Players will be marking the occasion with a poignant play about the First World War. Written by Stocksfield resident and writer Rachel Cochrane, the play is set in the fictional village of Stockswell whose residents are brought together when the plaque in their village is stolen- an event which actually happened in Stocksfield a decade ago and which inspired Rachel to write the play. The play tells the story of two mothers living 100 years apart, with the Edwardian family dealing with their son being drafted into the war. The story is particularly moving as some of the names in the play are real names from Stocksfield’s memorial.

The Stocksfield Players have been rehearsing for months, and I am delighted that the play will be performed tonight and tomorrow as a wonderful way to honour the bravery and sacrifice of so many not only during World War One but in every armed conflict.

The play will be on at Stocksfield Community Centre tonight and Saturday at 7pm. Tickets are available from the SICA Office on 01661 842346.