Sunday, 28 February 2010

O2 Mast Demonstration in Darras Hall

Amazing coverage of our success on Friday:
500+ people manned the barricades in Darras hall trying to stop 02 from erecting a phone mast outside Darras Hall School; the rain was pouring down but I do not think I have ever seen such a sense of united community spirit all agreed on a common cause. To their credit 02 saw that a public relations disaster was about to happen and have backed down. The mast will now go in farmland.
Many spoke but the headteacher, local doctor, Karen [chief mum] and Sunil [one of the lead organisers] were the most eloquent + persuasive; Richard Dodd was the most forceful, and Ian the most passionate and hard working of all the team. The TV / metro radio coverage later was also outstanding, with Karen the star of the show.
The Journal summed it up well...