Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Newcastle International Airport Visit

Wendy and I in front of one of the new fire engines at the Airport with the airport team:
Any time you get to drive down an airport runway, mess around with a fire engine and go to the Air Traffic Control Tower is a good day!
Wendy Morton - the candidate for Tynemouth - and I were given a wonderful tour by the team at the airport - who are rightly very proud of their airport, their facilities on site and the contribution they make to the local economy.
The air traffic control tower is 150 feet high, the runway tarmac is very smooth and feels like a pool table and the fire engines all have a schnozzle - which punches holes in planes and goes to the heart of the fire! You could not make it up
Also worth noting is the amazing college that is run there providing state of the art aeronautical engineering courses amongst other things

In the afternoon I went to the Ovingham Green Fair - where Debbie and her team had laid on an amazing awareness raising fair. Was most impressed by the team from Ovingham First School and had a great chat to the headteacher and the kids.
Evening spent in Ponteland - and sat in on the town council meeting.