Friday, 12 February 2010

Haltwhistle + Langley Village Hall

Spent the afternoon at Kilfrost in Haltwhistle - the company that ensures planes can fly by the application of their patented gycol de - icer to the wings of planes; they employ 41 people in Haltwhistle. They have much to be proud of, as they are expanding. They are a local success story run by local people.
In the morning around 40 people braved the sheet ice to come to Langley village hall. They came from far and wide - from Ayle to Ninebanks, but mostly from Langley. One nice lady strode down the hill and came in "out of curiosity," and then added after having stayed for over an hour, "just because I stayed, you must not take my vote for granted!" I love these days and the questions are ever changing and never predictable: I was grilled about all matters from pensions to the deficit, the sheep ID scheme and the state of the GP out of hours service.
Did some canvassing later in the day but with the rain beginning to come down headed home.