Sunday, 20 June 2010

Friday in Prudhoe

After a busy week down in Westminster I spent most of Friday in Prudhoe. Had a meeting with Rev. Charles Hope and Yvonne at the Prudhoe Partnership / Info Point; they have some amazing projects and we've got some good ideas going forward. I am doing my best to go around all the partnerships.

Then off to meet headteachers from Prudhoe. Dr Shaw head of Prudhoe High School, Mrs Kidd headteacher of Highfields Middle and Mrs Coulson, headteacher at the local First School. All three schools are lucky to have such hard-working and dedicated leaders. Some tough questions, and we made plans for the future from the meeting.

Finished off the day meeting some local businesses and local residents including Robert and Fiona Forsythe - real gold mines of local history; then on to Peter Atkinsons farewell party at Hexham Racecourse - which was wonderful.