Thursday, 10 June 2010

Westminster week

Monday to thursday sees me in westminster;
i). Office report: the office situation is still a non starter - one correspondent suggested that I go to Office world and buy a desk; sadly that is not the problem. The issue is where you base yourself. The simple truth is that there is very limited space in westminster, and we are all crammed in like sardines. Am told this will get resolved next week
ii). Met again with George Osborne the shadow chancellor at Number 11 Downing Street, and his team, including Justine Greening. I have already raised concerns by constituents about CGT rises. The matter is being relooked at but the level of national debt remains off the scale.
iii). Delighted to speak in the ID Card debate + good news that they are going: either they were vital to government / national interest, and therefore were required to be carried at all times or they were just another civil liberty infringement - you cannot have it both ways; and they cost £30+