Thursday, 16 December 2010

I Love the NHS

I love the NHS. I owe my life to it. If it wasn't for the excellent NHS Doctors and Nurses who helped me after a very nasty fall as a jockey I wouldn't be here full stop - nevermind be an MP.

I'm proud this Government is committed to increasing NHS spending every year, by around £10.6 billion over the Spending Review period. Never forget Labour said they would CUT funding to the NHS - despite what Ed and Co may try and spin now.

However in order to meet the ever rising demands from our Health Service, such as the issue of dementia care which is seeing a dramatic rise, we must make sure every penny counts for patients. That means cutting out waste, reducing bureaucracy and simplifying NHS structures so that more of the protected NHS budget can be invested into frontline care.

In the New Year the Government will bring forward the NHS Bill which will set out some clear changes for the NHS: making it more responsive and more patient-centred with outcomes that should rival the best in the world.

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