Friday, 25 February 2011

Made in the UK

I visited a North East manufacturing firm this week to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities facing the sector at the moment.

As most of you who know the blog will know I'm a keen supporter of our there are strong individual indicators; UK steel production is soaring and we've seen a 9 Percent increase in UK car production in January‎

Some say that we shouldn't have high hopes for UK manufacturing, that we will never been able to compete with the huge economies scale and low wages offered by competitors in China and Asia. Well to some extend that is true. I have doubts as to weather the UK will ever be the home of make-them-cheap-stock-them-high goods.

However there is a real window of opportunity for the UK, and I think we are already seeing it - our strong reputation for goods that high in quality,

The perception round the world that UK-produced products are good quality is a strong base on which the sector can really grow. We're seeing an up tick in demand for UK made goods, particularly from overseas and I think that's one of thing we can all be proud of - and I hope that is only going to grow.