Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 3 - Hadrians Wall Charity Walk

It rained in torrents today! Northumberland is wonderful, and I will adore it forever, but on any interpration ... the rain lashed down!! 7 hardy souls left Heddon on the Wall at 11 and reached the Errington Arms some 10 + miles later shortly after 2.30 - very wet but all on good from. We all devoured huge home made sandwiches and slowly dried out.
A huge thank you to all who came along but particularly to the 2 police officers who attended: they were given the option of a meeting in a dry office with everyone wearing suits or a challenging hike for charity, where they could lobby the MP for as long as they liked. To their credit they opted to come along today. They got to raise their legitimate and well argued concerns and I got a chance to discuss all aspects of local policing from Farm Vehicles getting stolen to speeding bikers on the Military Road causing accidents and problems. It was the best surgery I have ever done.

Later in the day after a long bath we had the second Village Hall event when we took over the Parish Hall in Corbridge. A good night with key questions on Housing, Planning reform, European Directives, The Councils approach, public sector rationalisations, NHS waiting times and much more.