Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 5 report

A good day and a very long walk. The wind was at about 40-50 mph in our faces and it was head down and lots of hard yards. Assorted friends, waifs and strays came and joined us on the wall walk that took in the highlights of Housesteads, Walltown and Steel Rigg; all joined in at different points along the way - we had in excess of 14 [plus a dog] at various times today; but only 6 hardy souls made it to the Greenhead Hotel, where we were very well treated in a great pub - the rest were diverted by the Twice Brewed Pub or other spots on the way. I missed one meeting [apologies] in a mix up but managed to speak to lots of others on the way or at the end.
My thanks to all those who gave up their morning, afternoon or whole day to come along - it is a great cause and much appreciated.