Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Parliament recalled

I have just heard that parliament is to be recalled on Thursday. After the last couple of nights of mayhem in London I can understand why. We must get behind our brave policemen, who are doing a great job. As to the mindless mobs who attacked firemen and ambulance drivers [not the first time I have heard this happening] words fail me.

Last week I came back to work in Westminster. It is great to be getting back to work on behalf of the people who sent me here. Last week the House was quiet - it will not be this week. I did a full week in westminster last week and am working most of it this week. My plan is to head home to Hexham this weekend, where I am working the rest of August.
We have exciting plans for the coming weeks which I will post in the next few days but right now my thoughts are with all those affected by the nights of violence and looting.