Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Charity Cricket Game - and a chance to play with legends

The legendary Pakistani batsman Mohammad Yousuf, with two not so good cricketers, GO and John Redwood
As the cricket season draws to a close it is common knowledge that I missed most of the season - but I did get to play in September in the Lashings charity game, when John Redwood and I ran out the legend that is Mohammad Yousuf. He was pretty relaxed about getting out as he had just scored around 60 in 20 effortless balls. The man is a legend - he once scored 12 test centuries in a year!!! ...and it showed.
A very humbling day, only made more special when I pulled my first ball from Saqlain Mustaq into the crowd over square leg ...did not last long after that as the bowling suddenly got serious. A great day for a good cause.