Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dinner with the Prime Minister

Last night I, and some colleagues, were lucky enough to have dinner with the Prime Minister. He was on good form: he talked of all the serious things like Libya, the Eurozone economy, the riots and measures on social unrest and much more.
However, later on over dinner the Prime Minister was off duty and told of daily life living in Downing Street: my favourite story was of the mice in Number 10-11 Downing Street. When he arrived there in May 2010 the place was infested with mice. Pest control has been brought in but to little effect and the most effective Mouser is "Larry the Cat", who has caught a lot of mice! Meanwhile, there are rumours that Larry is in love with a tabby that lives in St James Park. You could not make it up.

Just to show that it is not all glam dinners with the PM I caught the bus in this morning and spent my time in the Committee on Environmental Protection, which had a session on the Storage of Carbon Dioxide [Access to Infrastructure] Regulations, before reading the report on the Baha Mousa Inquiry and listening in to the debate concerning his torture in Iraq in 2003