Sunday, 30 October 2011

Arch Cru Compensation

Pleased to say that, along with Tom Greatrex and Alun Cairns, and with all party support, we have formed a Parliamentary Committee on the issue of Arch Cru. I should stress that they are the chairs and the leaders as it is these two members - one a Scottish labour MP and one a welsh conservative MP, who have done most to champion the cause of the savers and pensioners who lost out due to Capita's incompetence.
We have a meeting with the FSA, who have been asked to come and see the group in Westminster at the House of Commons in 3 weeks time
Good to see the Mail on Sunday keeping up the pressure on Capita.
You can see their reports from this weeks edition of the paper. To the papers credit they have 3 separate pieces on this scandal, including one from the Finance Editor, Jeff Prestridge:

I have never before been described as "swashbuckling".....