Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Boundary Changes - Make Your Voice Heard

I am asking local residents to get involved in the Boundary Commission's proposals, which could see huge changes to our local area. I am in favour in cutting the number of MPs - saving the public purse £12million when money is tight is a good thing.
However the draft proposals for our area don't seem very sensible.

Indeed the proposals have a dramatic effect on the existing Hexham Constituency, removing the divisions of South Tynedale, Haltwhistle and Ponteland East. Haltwhistle and South Tynedale would be would be placed into a newly created ‘Consett and Barnard Castle’ constituency stretching from Hadrians Wall to the Yorkshire Dales, whilst Ponteland East would be split literally in two and transferred into the Berwick upon Tweed constituency.

The proposed changes will be finalised in 2013 but will be taken into full effect in the next general election of 2015 if they are not challenged.

After consulting with local residents I am fighting the changes, and putting in alternative proposals. It would be a terrible idea to divide the town of Ponteland and to lump Haltwhistle and South Tynedale into a constituency which runs to the Yorkshire Border. Many residents have been in touch to criticise the proposals and I have to say I agree with them. I will do all I can to protect our constituency but I need your help.

There are three easy ways in which you can voice your views.

You can simply write a letter to express your views to: The Boundary Commission for England, 35 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BQ.

Alternatively you can e-mail reviews@bcommengland.x.gsi.gov.uk

or do it via the website HERE

The deadline for this is 5th December 2011. For most effect you should make specific objections.

I would urge anyone who cares about our community and the local ties we have to make their feelings known to the Commission.