Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tuesday in Manchester

Last night I spoke at events, notably at the UK Manufacturing Event, organised by many contributors including the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Barclays and Dodds, and also briefly spoke at the Woodland Trust event on Forestry, and met with Clive Aslet, Editor of Country Life,
I also had good meetings with:

1. Northumbrian Water
2. The Green Alliance, who have agreed that the Hexham constituency is to be a pilot project for the Green Deal, with a regional seminar in November with lots of the energy companies and the key environmental groups + interested parties coming along
3. The Local Northumberland NHS representatives, with whom we are working together more and more
4. Multiple MPs and the Gateshead Conservatives,
I also had meeting with the following specific organisations / People:
- Carillion re warm front and green deal
- The Patients Association
- Veterans International Representatives, who we are working with more and more
- Calor Gas re LPG
- James Ramsbotham, of NECC, Martin Callanan MEP, and Mayor Linda Arkley at the ANEC Fringe meeting
and too many more to name!
PS also played football at the Man United training ground for the House of Commons v the press - a great experience to play on the ground where Best, Keane, Beckham and others played