Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Egger Investment in Hexham

There has been some great news announced this week which I have been wanting to blog about for a while. Northumberland’s largest manufacturing employer, Hexham based Egger UK, is making a £20 million investment in new production equipment that will help the company retain its crown as Europe’s most-advanced chipboard manufacturing plant.

I was given the news during my discussions at the headquarters of the family-owned Egger Group in Austria when I went out to brief co-owner Michael Egger on moves in Parliament to address the issue of subsidies to biomass electricity generators that are damaging the wood panel industry.

For some time I had wanted to meet the man who is responsible for so many key jobs in Hexham and decided to pay for a trip to meet Mr Egger and his team at their base in Austria.

I was delighted to be given the exclusive news that significant investment is planned at the Hexham factory which will help to secure jobs and safeguard the company’s future in what are very challenging trading conditions for their industry.
Michael Egger is a fascinating man who lives right next to the factory in Austria, and who has built up a great community-based company that is a world-leader in its field.
This is good news for Hexham and all the associated industries. But, most of all, it is great news for all the employees.

An Egger spokesman told the Courant: “We were keen to meet with Mr Opperman – and pleased to give him the good news of the latest plans for the Hexham factory.

“We are investing in new lamination and impregnation equipment that will ensure our chipboard products continue to meet the exacting quality standards demanded by the furniture sector.
“This equipment helps us to add value to our standard chipboard product by using printed decorative papers, such as walnut, oak and maple, which enable our customers to make the kitchens and furniture of tomorrow.”