Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Washington Miners Monument targetted by Metal Thieves

Metal Thieves have struck again - attempting to steal the Washington Miner's Monument, a beautiful sculpture of a miner and his family, which was only opened to the public on Front Street, Concord, last Saturday.
Northumbria Police have said that someone had attempted to cut through the leg of the boy figure early on Tuesday. The statue has been left damaged by the attempt and police have appealed for information.
Two comments apply: these criminals who target church ornaments, war memorials and statues to members of a local area are the lowest of the low. I am really pleased that the governement has brought in severe punishments for such offences. Before I did this job I spent 15 years prosecuting criminals, and all crime is wrong, but it is offences like these that upset you almost more than any other.
For details on the new sentences and change to the law see: